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Coast Guard Ensign

O-2 Junior Officer, U.S. Coast Guard
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How to get promoted to Ensign Coast Guard Promotion to O-1 Ensign

A Ensign is a Junior Officer in the United States Coast Guard at DoD paygrade O-1. This page describes how the Coast Guard determines who is eligible for the promotion list to Ensign.

There are three options for commissioning as an Ensign. Firstly, if he or she was amongst the 300 or so High School graduates placed in the Coast Guard Academy after school and completed a four-year Bachelor of Science degree there, he or she would receive a commission as an Ensign. Secondly, commissioning can follow completion of a 17-week program at an Officer Candidate School, where the student is taught various subjects including the nautical sciences, seamanship, law enforcement and leadership. Eligible enlisted personnel can also be recommended for a commission as an Ensign after completing a Direct Commissioning Program in the Coast Guard. Normally, eligible candidate officers would receive their commissions on completion of twelve months' service in the Coast Guard, recommendation by a selection board, and the approval of the officer commanding.

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