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How to get promoted to Warrant Officer 1 Army Promotion to W-1 Warrant Officer 1

A Warrant Officer 1 is a Warrant Officer in the United States Army at DoD paygrade W-1. This page describes how the Army determines who is eligible for the promotion list to Warrant Officer 1.

Warrant Officers are appointed by an act of the Secretary of the Army. More specifically, the Secretary issues a warrant making the candidate officially an officer of the United States Army by this warrant, thus arises the term Warrant Officer.

Oftentimes, WO1’s receive their position after serving many years as an enlisted soldier and NCO. In rare cases, such as aviation, civilians can receive a Warrant Officer commission directly into the service.

Qualifications to be commissioned as a Warrant Officer include demonstrated expertise both tactically and technically in one specific branch of military service. Soldiers displaying with the experience and demonstrated expertise are recommended for issuance of a warrant by the Secretary of the Army, whose decision is the final authority on appointment of Warrant Officer 1’s.

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