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A Seaman Apprentice is a Junior Enlisted in the United States Navy at DoD paygrade E-2.

An "able-bodied seaman" is someone who knows their way around a ship and can handle themselves in rough weather. While "Seaman" refers to the lowest rank in most foreign Navies, in the USN this refers to E-3.

"Seaman" is the overall rank of sailors E-1 to E-3, but more appropriately refers to a category of administration, deck, technical, and weapons rates such as Boatswain's Mate, Master-at-Arms, or Special Warfare Operators. "Fireman" refers generally to engineering and hull ratings such as Electrician's Mate or Machinist's Mate. "Airman" refers to aviation ratings such as Aviation Electrician's Mate or Naval Aircrewman. "Constructionman" refers to a set of construction ratings collectively known as "SeaBees" (Construction Battalion members, or CBs). "Hospital Corpsman" is its own unique category. All undesignated sailors are simply known as "Seamen" until they receive a rating.

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History of the Navy

The Navy traces its heritage back to the Revolutionary War, when Congress funded the construction of several warships to repel the British Empire. Nowadays, much of the Navy's mission is to defend international "freedom of the seas." The Navy considers itself to be more technology-centric than the Army, but more traditional than the Air Force. Surface ships patrol the seas, conducting diplomatic relations with all nations of the world, while also enforcing the law against pirates and drug smugglers. Aircraft Carriers are the most powerful individual assets in America's arsenal, with a single unit being able move and be a major player in an armed conflict. Submarines conduct clandestine intelligence-gathering operations. SEALs are internationally reknown for counter-terrorism and irregular warfare in every possible environment. All Sailors are both warfighters and technical specialists.