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How to get promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Navy Promotion to O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade

A Lieutenant Junior Grade is a Junior Officer in the United States Navy at DoD paygrade O-2. This page describes how the Navy determines who is eligible for the promotion list to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Ensign is the first rank held for newly commissioned officers. The Navy holds several multiple commissioning sources.

The primary source of USN commissioned officers is the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD. Midshipmen (who hold a rank above Master Chief Petty Officers and below Warrant Officers) receive four years of top-tier education and Naval indoctrination. Each summer, Midshipmen participate in training exercises to earn practical experience. Entrance requirements for USNA are extremely rigorous, and include an endorsement from a Congressperson from the candidate's native state. All USNA Midshipmen must take Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry courses, and all earn a Bachelor of Science degree regardless of major. The Naval Academy is still by far the largest source of Navy Admirals.

The next source of commissioned Naval Officers is Navy Reserve Officer Training Command (NROTC). NROTC programs are available at universities across the country, and offer training modeled after their USNA counterparts. NROTC students are Reservists, holding the rank of Midshipmen and must adhere to UCMJ regulations when gathering for training. They participate in summer training exercises and earn their commissions shortly within college graduation. While they are not as exposed to Naval heritage as USNA Midshipmen, they often come with more diverse academic experiences prior to joining the Fleet.

The next major source of Naval commissioned officers is Officer Candidate School (OCS), a thirteen week condensed training course in Newport, RI. OCS is a high-stress, high-attrition environment in which Candidates must complete the same coursework of their NROTC counterparts within a short amount of time. In short, it is "boot camp" for Officers. OCS is an available option for college graduates or students who will graduate within 2.5 years of signing a contract. While OCS graduates join the Fleet with the least exposure to Navy heritage, many join with industry or practical experience. Another advantage to OCS is the guarantee of career designation (e.g. Surface Warfare Officer, Pilot, SEAL); selection is competitive for all other commissioning sources.

There are numerous alternate commissioning programs for Direct Input Officers, Limited Duty Officers, and enlisted personnel seeking a commission. Most of these programs have a portion of their training in Newport, RI and may vary from 2 to 13 weeks. Prior-enlisted officers are ranked O-1E, with higher pay than their counterparts.

All Naval Officers must have a Bachelor's Degree with a minimum GPA, must pass a physical, and demonstrate sufficient leadership abilities. Various communities within the Navy have their own additional requirements for joining.

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