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W-2 Warrant Officer, U.S. Navy
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How to get promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 2 Navy Promotion to W-2 Chief Warrant Officer 2

A Chief Warrant Officer 2 is a Warrant Officer in the United States Navy at DoD paygrade W-2. This page describes how the Navy determines who is eligible for the promotion list to Chief Warrant Officer 2.

Chief Petty Officers of all ranks, including E-6s selected for Chief, are eligible to apply for Warrant Officer and Limited Duty Officer programs. Applications are sent to a special convening board consisting of high-ranking CWOs and LDOs. Eligibility criteria are similar to those required to promoting within the Chief community. Once selected, Sailors go through a five-week commissioning program at Newport, RI and are promoted to W-2. Former Master Chiefs are immediately promoted to W-3. The rank of W-1 was eliminated in the 1970s, as it was a pay cut from the previous rank, and the promotion rate was 100% after a few months anyways.

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