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History of the Marine Corps Lieutenant General Rank

A Lieutenant General is a General Officer in the United States Marine Corps at DoD paygrade O-9.

The title of "General" has been in use in France and Spain since the 1500s, as an added title of distinction that an Officer held a very major title (similar to Secretary General). The title "Lieutenant" is synonymous with being second-in-command.

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History of the Marine Corps

As far back as the Revolutionary War, Marines were known as Naval Infantry, and were assigned to ships to repel boarders, assault land-based targets, and discipline unruly Sailors. In WWI and WWII, Marines very successfully augmented Army units in war theaters throughout the world, with their most brutal and historic fighting on islands in the Pacific. In contrast with the Army, the Marines were not originally made to be self-sufficient to fight land wars for long periods of time. Doctors, Chaplains, and Medics who deploy with Marines are all Navy Sailors.