United States Military Decoration Device "M" Device

"M" Device Image

"M" Device Description

The "M" award is a bronze, silver, or gold device that represents how many times the wearer has been mobilized with their unit. For each mobilization, a numeral is added to the wearer's left. (Example a numeral "3" would be added beside the M to signifiy three mobilizations). This device is in a 3/16" size.It comes in Bronze.

Associated Devices

testerCoast Guard Presidential Unit Citation

A Coast Guard version of the award was awarded to all U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary personnel responding to Hurricane Katrina by President George W. Bush for rescue and relief operations. All who received the award for responding to Hurricane Katrina are authorized to wear the Presidential Unit Citation ribbon with a special clasp in the form of the internationally recognized hurricane symbol.