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How to get promoted to Second Lieutenant Army Promotion to O-1 Second Lieutenant

A Second Lieutenant is a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army at DoD paygrade O-1. This page describes how the Army determines who is eligible for the promotion list to Second Lieutenant.

Second Lieutenants receive their rank by order of the Secretary of the Army, acting on behalf of the Commander-in-Chief (President), after completing a degree from an accredited university in tandem with an accompanying program of military instruction that includes both academic and practical work.

Second Lieutenants must meet a set of requirements (divided into three performance categories of academic, military, and physical) determined by the United States Army in order to be eligible for promotion (the more correct term for this rank specifically is commission).

There are three main commissioning sources for Second Lieutenants. The first are established military academies (The United States Military Academy at West Point, Norwich, The Citadel, etc.), the second is Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), which is a program of military education and indoctrination that accompanies the studies of prospective officers at regular universities, and the third and final is Officer Candidate School (OCS), which is a course run the by the United States Army to prepare civilians or former soldiers who already hold college degrees to be officers in the Army.

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