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E-1 Enlisted Soldier, U.S. Army
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A Private is a Enlisted Soldier in the United States Army at DoD paygrade E-1.

The military rank of Private is used by militaries across the world. For European countries, and subsequently the United States, the term "Private" derives from the mediaeval concept of "Private Soldiers." These were men who volunteered or were conscripted into service by feudal lords and, later on, rulers of states. In the English language, it made its appearance with the earliest form of the British Army as an established force for the whole of the state. The tradition of privates being the lowest ranking soldiers with only individual responsibilities derives from the idea that private soldiers had no responsibility other than their individual duty to fight.

With the formation of the United States and a standing military as the country became more established, the idea of the lowest ranking soldiers being known as privates was continued and still holds to this day.

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History of the Army

The Army is the oldest and most senior among the branches. The Army's heritage is traced back to the Revolutionary War, when each State of the Union had its own Army, lended to the command of General George Washington. Almost 250 years have passed, but the organizational structure and naming is largely the same. The Army is still divided into Divisions, Brigades, Regiments, Battalions, Companies, and Platoons.