Modern Day

Modern Day

Modern day Navy carrier.

The Navy helped in a several conflicts since the Cold War. When efforts for peace failed, the Navy was used in the opening of the Gulf War with Iraq. They also helped later on when conflicts continued in Kuwait. In 1999, there was also an effort made to stop the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and Serbia when Navy and Marine Corps Aircraft flew in to help.

In 2011, the United States Navy was the smallest it had been, in number of ships, since World War One, yet just this number is an awkward way to look at it, since ships today are much more than they used to be, in terms of size and firepower. The Navy’s focus today has geared towards aiding in smaller scale missions and conflicts. They assisted in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and continue to help the effort with the War on Terror. Development continues on at a steady pace, and the Navy is still a very great asset to the United States. The size, weapons, technology and renown of the Navy are as large as ever as it continues to participate in military affairs around the world.

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