History of the U.S. Navy

What is the Unites States Navy?

The United States Navy is America’s primary naval force. The Navy is responsible for many things other than protecting and attacking at sea. They also have a very interesting history, which is divided into two time periods, the Old Navy, a small but fierce fleet that was recognized for their resourcefulness in using ironclads during the American Civil War and the New Navy, which is the result of an extensive modernization in the 1880's that helped the US Navy to be the largest in the world by the 1920's.

The Revolutionary War

The Navy was officially created during the Revolutionary war. They were fairly well used during the war, but afterwards, their primary focus was fighting off pirates and other small combat, but they were not used for much official military combat. More

The New Navy

When it was realized that the American Navy was lacking in size, quality, and number of ships, they hurried to catch up with the rest of the world and modernize. They converted from sail boats of wood to steam ships of iron and steel, cannons to loaded guns, and they streamlined the organization of the ranks. More

World War One

The entire world became involved in the First World War, and as much as the United States tried to remain neutral, the Navy was attacked unprovoked, and so they joined the war on the side of the Allied forces. The American Navy was a very important Allied force throughout the war, and as such, the Navy developed in many ways during the war, such as in their organization, technique, and technology. More

World War Two

When the world was once again thrown into war, the United States again participated immensely on the side of the Allied forces. The Navy was a large part of the contribution that America committed to the Allied forces. They were especially noted for the great help to the war effort with their Island Hopping Campaign in Japan. More

The Cold War

In the Cold War, the Navy again played a very vital part in protecting and attacking strategically. The world started having larger scale naval battles more commonly, and so the United States Navy needed to develop quickly while still campaigning in the war. More

Modern Day

Today, the development of the United States Navy continues at a steady pace, and it is still a very great asset to the United States. The size, weapons, technology and renown of the Navy are as large as ever while it continues to participate in military affairs around the world. More

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