History of the United States Marine Corps

What is the United States Marine Corps?

The United States Marine Corps is America's elite amphibious assault force and has served as a key part of the United States Armed Services since the times of the Revolutionary War. However, the Marine Corps has evolved greatly since the days of flintlocks and sailing ships, and the modern-day fame and reputation of the Marines was forged as recently as the Second World War.

The Birth of the Marines

The Marines started in 1775 as a small organization made up of two battalions of volunteer soldiers. They mostly raided British supplies and avoided direct confrontation, because of their small numbers. They were fairly successful in this, and meanwhile, they were also growing in numbers. . More

The Early Marine Corps

After the war, the Marine Corps were officially established in 1798. As time went on, the Marine Corps were involved in multiple conflicts and skirmishes, including the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, and others. Then came the Civil War, which the Marine Corps participated in valiantly. More

The Marines in World War One

While they continued to fill smaller roles that were rarely on the battlefront, the Marines were often noted for their valor and fighting skills. Often, the Marines would work along with the navy, and together, they executed many successful amphibious operations. Their numbers also increased immensely due to the inspiration many men felt in response to the war effort. More

The Marines in World War Two

The Marines revived their amphibious attack strategy in the Second World War, and they were again very successful. They continued to grow steadily in numbers, but their renown also spread swiftly during the continued warfare. More

Marines from WWII to Desert Storm

After WWII, the Corps suffered budget cuts and loss of enlisted soldiers for years, as they downsized for peacetime, until the Cold War again brought more men into their ranks. During the war they again demonstrated their valiant fighting abilities and their worldly renown continued to grow. More

Marines in the Twenty-First Century

When the War on Terrorism started after the attacks on September 11, 2001, the Marines again fought, this time alongside Army troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Then, after nearly ten years, the Marine Corps officially withdrew from Iraq in 2010. Today, the Marines continue to serve in their increasingly important role in expressing the United States’ foreign policy as well as continue to express their valor in fighting. More

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