History of the U.S. Army

What is the United States Army?

The Unites States Army is America’s primary land based branch of military. While it is the major land fighting force of the military, it has also been used in many humanitarian efforts of the United States throughout the years since it was formed. It was created from the rough continental army and militias that gathered back in the Revolutionary War and those who fought for the United States freedom from British rule. Although it had a very rough and seemingly hopeless beginning, the American Army has come a long way and is now the main land fighting force of one of the most powerful militaries in the world.

The Revolutionary War

The Start of the modern United States army was certainly at the birth of the nation itself, which was during the revolutionary war. The Army was born from disorganized groups of militiamen and soldiers with no formal training, yet they still won the war of their country’s birth and grew to become as powerful as they are now. More

The Civil War

The American Civil War tore apart the fledgling nation, but in the end, it also helped to unify their morale and mindset. Even though the nation was torn and much land, crops, and property destroyed, the American Army was stronger than ever as a result of the war. More

World War One

It was the first great war of the world involving the armies from all corners of the earth. The United States Army played a very large role on the Allied side of the war, and they developed very powerful influences as a result. More

World War Two

When international relations again turned to warfare, the US Army again played a vital part on the Allied side of the war. They made up a large portion of the Allied’s forces, and the Army developed even further due to the continued fighting. More

The Cold War in Korea

Relations between America and the Soviets were extremely strained after World War Two, and this stressful relationship aided the development of multiple conflicts that are now referred to as the Cold War. These conflicts started in Korea. More

The Cold War in Vietnam

The American Forces often succeeded in pushing back Societ forces, and the conflicts continued in Vietnam. Despite the fact that their success continued during the Vietnam War, the United States Army ended up withdrawing at the wishes of the Vietnamese people. More

Modern Day

Today, the United States Army stands as one of the most powerful and helpful military branches in the world. It has grown from a meager band of farmers with rifles into the smoothly-run military branch it is now. More

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