The Cold War

The SR-71 Blackbird was a Cold War reconnaissance plane.

The Cold War

The Army Air Forces had become independent from the Army in practice and actions during WWII, but its leaders desired legal independence. With many complaints by the Navy, the US Department of the Air Force was finally created by the National Security Act of 1947. The United States Air Force (USAF) had gained its freedom from external control. They quickly established themselves by getting new uniforms, renaming the Air Force Fields to Air Force Bases, and by reorganizing their structure.

When the Arms Race with Soviet Russia began, America strengthened their military influence all over the world. Suddenly, the USAF built new bases all over the world to help spread the American influence. Because of this spread, aviation technologies advanced further. They didn't have to wait long until enemy forces tested their abilities. The Berlin Airlift was a great demonstrated the new capabilities of the Air Force and save many people from starvation and isolation.

Then, in 1947 the Air Force started a program set to research unidentified flying objects, their origin and purpose called Project Sign. It was revisited twice, once as Project Grudge and then as Project Blue Book. This program lasted until 1969.

They continued to aid against Soviet Russia's attacks and most of their missions in the Cold War were a success. The Air Force was a large focus of the Arms Race and the Cold war, and the Arms race definitely contributed to the development of the newborn Air Force more than anything else at the time.

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