United States Military Decoration Device Battle E Device

Battle E Device Image

Battle E Device Description

The battle "E" is a U.S. Navy device that recognizes battle efficiency competitions that ships have won. Marines stationed permanently aboard the vessel are eligible for the device but embarked personnel are not. The battle "E" is worn in the center of the ribbon and a new E is added for each earned award. On the fifth consecutive awarding, all the Battle "E" devices are replaced with an "E" surrounded by a wreath.This device is in a 3/16" size.It comes in Silver.

Associated Devices

testerNavy "E" Ribbon

For each award of the Navy "E" Ribbon, one 3/16 inch silver Battle "E" device is authorized for wear on the Navy "E" ribbon, up to the third award.

testerCoast Guard "E" Ribbon

Requires Unit to have earned the Occupational Excellence Award while performing annual refresher training.