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List of Military Ranks United States Army Enlisted Ranks (Ordered By Seniority)

E-1Army PrivatePrivatePVTEnlisted Soldier
E-2Army Private Second ClassPrivate Second ClassPV2Enlisted Soldier
E-3Army Private First ClassPrivate First ClassPFCEnlisted Soldier
E-4Army SpecialistSpecialistSPCEnlisted Soldier
E-4Army CorporalCorporalCPLNoncommissioned Officer
E-5Army SergeantSergeantSGTNoncommissioned Officer
E-6Army Staff SergeantStaff SergeantSSGNoncommissioned Officer
E-7Army Sergeant First ClassSergeant First ClassSFCNoncommissioned Officer
E-8Army Master SergeantMaster SergeantMSGNoncommissioned Officer
E-8Army First SergeantFirst Sergeant1SGNoncommissioned Officer
E-9Army Sergeant MajorSergeant MajorSGMNoncommissioned Officer
E-9Army Command Sergeant MajorCommand Sergeant MajorCSMNoncommissioned Officer
E-9Army Sergeant Major of the ArmySergeant Major of the ArmySMANoncommissioned Officer (Special)

United States Army Enlisted Ranks In Order

Enlisted soldiers, including regular soldiers and their non-commissioned officers, form the lifeblood of the United States Army. The U.S. Army has a total of thirteen enlisted ranks.

Most soldiers enter the Army as a Private following successful completion of Basic Training, and receive promotions and pay raises based on experience and leadership qualities. The highest enlisted rank a soldier can achieve in the Army is Command Sergeant Major.

This table lists the Army enlisted ranks in order of seniority, from lowest to highest. Choose any rank for detailed information on rank insignia, Army responsibilities, pay, and more.

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